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Thrive With Movement believes in empowering our keiki and youth to reach their full potential through the performing arts through dance, tumbling and musical theater to those who may not financially be able to afford these types of activities.  We provide financial assistance to allow the student an opportunity to attend classes in many styles of dance, performing arts or tumbling for ages 3 years and up that will allow creative expression and exploration. We believe that by engaging in the performing arts, people can gain confidence, develop self-awareness, and grow into well rounded human beings. Our programs focus on building these skills and fostering positive change in the lives of those we serve. We are committed to helping our participants discover and nurture their unique talents, and to providing them with the support they need to take their dreams further.


Executive Summary:

Thrive With Movement, INC is a non-profit organization that fosters a safe, fun and inviting learning environment that encourages social development opportunities for children and their parents. 

Our programs include an after-school program in dance, tumbling and musical theater, and also youth leadership and student teaching opportunities. Overall, we want to be an asset that helps them grow and develop into their best selves. We are committed to helping families in the community cultivate a healthy bond and provide a routine where parents can take their children to have fun, learn, and grow in a safe space and nourishing environment.

We will also provide financial assistance through our scholarship program for Company team travel, workshop and competition fees to allow them off island opportunities.


Our programs are in Lihue and we currently have students coming from the West, East and North shores of the island of Kauai.  Founder Tiffany Dick and her Husband Seth Dick are owners of Aloha Dance Studio that was established in 2002.  Since opening their doors they have personally sponsored, discounted and scholarships many students over the years providing classes to allow students an opportunity to dance when their families faced financial hardship, or needed an outlet that their parents would not support.  Aloha Dance Studio became home away from home for many students who may not have had a safe home environment, or had mental depression.  Because of the growth for those who need financial assistance to afford extra curricular activities, Tiffany and Seth founded Thrive With Movement to be able to do more and reach more keiki and youth on the island.  


We are excited to offer scholarships for students from low-income families, at-risk children, and current students with the potential to excel in performing arts. We know that providing access to the performing arts can have a huge impact on the development of a young person in academics as well as long life skills and we are committed to helping those who may otherwise not have the opportunity. We have developed a comprehensive scholarship program that includes financial support, mentorship, and guidance from experienced professionals. We also have a team of dedicated volunteers who are ready to assist with any questions and provide support for students who receive a scholarship. We hope that this program will provide an outlet for creativity and personal growth for those who receive it.


Problem or Opportunity:

Currently the mental health of our youth in Hawaii have skyrocketed since the pandemic.  Many have dropped out of extra curricular activities due to lack of finances.  Many children have not been able to have access to classes due to the rising costs of living. Thrive With Movement will provide the gap in finances to help keep keiki active and in a positive environment even through the difficult times.

Dancing has been shown to have a positive effect on people with depression and anxiety. In one study dancing for just 25 minutes reduced the symptoms of depression by 47 percent and dancing for 45 minutes reduced the symptoms of anxiety by 57 percent. Other studies have found dancing can decrease cortisol levels which is a hormone released when we are stressed.  People who dance regularly tend to be less lonely, are more adventurous, more empathetic, and capable of forming stronger bonds with others than those who do not dance.


It’s no big secret that getting kids involved in the performing arts can have major payoffs in school. After all, research shows that youth who sing/dance/act/play their little hearts out are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement compared with their non-performing friends — and they tend to have enhanced cognitive, motor, and social development to boot. But the benefits don’t end there. Getting up on stage can enrich a child’s life in all sorts of surprising ways. 

The performing arts is one of the best platforms for youth to freely express themselves and build up their self-confidence with their unique talents. They also understand the meaning of discipline, preparing them for a better future. Young youth have so many emotions that they are unable to articulate in words. These pent-up feelings can be quickly released through the arts. As adults use their art to express themselves, youth can express their emotions through acting, singing, and dancing. With the performing arts, there will always be a role that a child can play that will suit any mood they are in. Whether they are involved as part of a production team or perform on stage, a child has the opportunity to express themselves through their unique skills.

It takes a lot of courage to perform on stage in front of people you don’t know. When a child is determined to display their talent, they are slowly but surely building up their self-confidence. They need this to face challenges in the future, assured they can overcome what life throws at them. They are in control of their fears, facing them head-on and overcoming them. This is something they learn performing for an audience.

The performing arts help youth enhance their memory skills because they must memorize their parts, lyrics, and movements. As they practice constantly, they exercise their brain muscles, which is especially essential for their academics. Soon, they will be making good use of this to perform better in whatever career they choose to pursue.


Program Activities:

Through the awarded scholarship to our keiki, each semester of approximately 20-24 weeks of regular classes, each student would learn and build upon skills that would lead up to showcases and semester end performances that would include their tuition, dance uniform/supplies and costuming for their performances.  In return, we will be asking their families to volunteer at our events and have monthly reviews with teacher/student to look for areas that we can improve upon both mentor and student.  


We will also be sponsoring our  leadership opportunities for our 6th - 12th grade students through our assistant teacher/mentorship program.  This is also a semester program that they can do two semesters per year with an annual application process in July before school starts. 

With our Company Scholarship program, we will be able to sponsor team travel off island for workshops, competitions, airfare and hotel accommodations that will provide annual experiences for our teams to dance alongside other dancers from the state of Hawaii and on a national level on the mainland.  Travel off island for many is an expense they may not be able to afford without fundraising and sponsorship from our community. We want to give all our company members the opportunity to explore the world of dance and performance outside of our small island of Kauai


Since Aloha Dance Studio was established, they have run semester programs for over 20 years and  have felt this is adequate time to build a bond with our students to build a know, like and trust relationship not only with the student, but also with the families.  They have tried quarterly programs throughout the years which resulted in students less likely to continue or engage without the semester end recitals that are offered.  It also showed that there was a smaller percentage that they were able to build lasting relationships with during the shorter quarterly programs.  Keiki strive for routine and the longer we can keep them active, the more likely their physical, mental and emotional health can remain stable.


Tiffany Dick has been in contact with Principals and VP’s of elementary, middle and high schools in our area who agree that the arts have a wonderful impact and would love the opportunity to recommend students to our program who they know would benefit.  We would also be working with programs such as Mokihana services in the schools for at risk students who may not have financial or parental support to take classes.   Each scholarship would be awarded through our board of directors every semester.


Expected Results:

Throughout the 21 years at Aloha Dance Studio, we have already seen the impact that our programs have had for our youth.  Over the years many that have continued through High School, graduate with Honors and stay active in the community through various clubs in school on top of their academics and dance classes.  

We have seen mental health changes that happen within one hour of coming to class after a bad day.  This alone has had such a positive impact on the children and youth while learning to go through the ups and downs of life.  

Our assistant programs and student-teacher mentorship programs provide a variety of opportunities to do so; communicating with the Lead teacher on the daily lesson plan, teaching and correcting technique and choreography in the classroom, volunteering at community events, and more so. We also aim to provide students with resources to help them find the best post-secondary education options for their particular interests and goals; even if it may not be dance-related, our goal is for them to become contributing members of society in their own productive way. Additionally, we strive to create a safe and supportive environment where students can hone their professional skills and build a strong sense of belonging and community. By actively engaging in our leadership opportunities, our students can gain the confidence necessary to succeed in their academic and professional pursuits.

We believe that changing just one child's life can change the world.  All of the staff at Aloha Dance Studio is behind the mission and vision to do more and reach more on our island of Kauai.  We know we will be able to achieve this through our scholarship programs at Thrive With Movement.

Statement for Thrive With Movement, INC.:


At Thrive With Movement, INC., we are dedicated to empowering children and youth through the transformative power of movement. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to thrive, regardless of their background or financial circumstances. That's why we are committed to providing scholarships that open doors to enriching dance, sports, and artistic experiences.


With your support, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of young individuals who may otherwise be limited in their access to these valuable opportunities. By funding our child and youth scholarships, you directly contribute to fostering their physical, emotional, and social development. Through movement, we nurture confidence, creativity, teamwork, and resilience, empowering them to reach their full potential.


Join us in creating a brighter future for our children. Your generous contribution enables us to break down barriers, ensuring that no child is left behind. Together, let's inspire a generation to thrive, dream big, and embrace the joy of movement.


Thrive With Movement, INC. is a registered nonprofit organization committed to transparency, accountability, and measurable impact. We are deeply grateful for your support in helping us provide life-changing opportunities to children and youth in need.


Thank you for being a catalyst for positive change and investing in the futures of our young ones.

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