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Application process will open soon.  Please check back 

Thrive with Movement Scholarship Program:

The mission of Thrive with Movement is to provide Kauai's children and youth with a safe, healthy, and fun environment to cultivate their physical and creative development through dance, tumbling, and theater. We strive to provide our students with pathways to experience the joys of physical activity, develop their motor skills, and deepen their understanding of the performing arts. We believe that with our guidance and support, our students can learn to express themselves, gain confidence, and foster a lifelong appreciation for the arts.

Thrive with Movement is offering dance scholarships for qualifying participants. Available to all participants. Qualifying participants can receive up to a 50% scholarship. Scholarships will go towards one class.

Recital fees, costumes, props, dance equipment & other merchandise etc. must be paid separately.



  1. Students must be ages 5 and up.

  2. Have a financial need. (Please turn in a letter explaining why you are in a financial need)

  3. Have one or more of the following:   Housing assistance/SNAP/Medicaid/TANF/Proof of financial need (please turn in a copy of your eligibility letter)

  4. Letter of recommendation (From a teacher/counselor etc.)


  1. All qualifying participants will have a signed contract between ADS and dancer.

  2. Quarterly grade checks

  3. Students must participate in all Aloha Dance Studio Recitals.

  4. Full parent commitment/participation: Parents/participants will be assisting during any ADS event. You must sign in and out at each event. More events will take place during the season here are some examples:

  1. Tea for Two and the King and I (2 hours per event)

  2. Recital: Set up/Breakdown/Cleanup (6 hours total)

  3.  Fundraisers

  1. Student must have good attendance (No more than 4 unexcused absences per season)

(Any failure to comply with the following above will result in scholarship termination.)

Parents who want to apply must turn in the following through our online application

  1. Application

  2. Any proof of assistances


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